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Ranking business professional behavioral habits

Below are the 75 largest business professional markets in the U.S. measured by Nielsen’s Scarborough Research.  We’ve included rankings on average amount of money spent on business clothing, participating in volunteer work, working from home, and domestic business travel frequency.  See where your market falls if it’s included on the list.

Note: Business professionals are defined as employees in management, business and financial, sales and office, or legal industries.

Average amount spent on business clothing in the last year

#1       Boston

#75     Lakeland-Winter Haven (FL)

Full list here:


Percentage participating in volunteer work at least once in the last year

#1       Salt Lake City

#75     El Paso

Full list here:


Percentage working from home (all or most of the time)

#1       Sarasota

#75     Ogden (UT)

Full list here:


Average number of domestic round-trip business flights in the last year

#1       Portland (OR)

#74     Syracuse

*Note: Honolulu was technically 75th.  Domestic air travel is not defined the same for residents in this market.

Full list here:


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