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Ranking business professionals’ behavioral habits (Part II)

Below are the 75 largest business professional markets in the U.S. measured by Nielsen Scarborough Research.  We’ve included rankings on working Moms, gym memberships, Twitter usage and walking in respective regions.  See where your market falls if they are included on the list.

Note: Business professionals are defined as employees in management, business and financial, sales and office, or legal industries.

Percentage of business professionals that are “Working Moms”

#1       Salt Lake City (UT)

#75     Rochester (NY)

Full list here:

Percentage that belong to a health club or gym

#1       San Jose (CA)

#75     Worchester (MA)

Full list here:

Percentage that visited or used Twitter at least once in the last 30 days

#1       Nashville (TN)

#75     Sarasota (FL)

Full list here:

Average distance walked in town, city or downtown area in the last 7 days

#1       San Francisco (CA)

#74     Winston-Salem (NC)

Full list here:

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