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The CraniumTap Data Nerds are here for one thing and one thing only: clarity. We help you gain insight on your most pressing business challenges so you can execute tasks, take action, and get sh*t done.

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Our Experience

25+ years market research industry experience

We are equipped to give actionable solutions to a variety of industries, verticals, and teams.

We are published in industry leading journals

We are the author of several articles that have been published in Quirks, a leading market research publication.

We’ve spoken at international conferences

We’ve discussed innovations within the market research industry and discovering new ways to analyze data.

Our methods revolutionize market research

We have proprietary forms of analysis that we bake into every project to get you more insight with less investment.

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What you can expect from us


If we think that a particular project is outside the scope of what we can objectively measure, we will tell you. We are not “yes” men, if we don’t agree with a potential measurement within the research, we will tell you why we don’t think it is a good idea, and brainstorm potential alternatives.

Concise Communication

We value expedient and concise communication, but will we always take the time to walk through areas of ambiguity or confusion with you to ensure all parties are on the same page.

Experience Driven Reasoning

We have conducted thousands of surveys, so our approach on them is driven from direct knowledge. We always put the respondents user experience first, and that is reflective in the way we have customized our survey development methodology and questioning techniques.

Who are the Data Nerds?

Adam Cook

Chief Research Nerd

“Question industry traditions – you might be missing something.”

Adam has 19 years of experience in brand, content, advertising, marketing, consumer and media research.  He has earned eight national research awards and two international research awards, including “Case Study of the Year” and “Analyst of the Year,” and two travel scholarships.  He is also a five-time published author in Quirks; the world’s leading marketing research magazine.

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