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What makes us different

Experience Driven Results

We have 30+ years experience analyzing market, consumer, category, & business data.

Custom Analysis Methods

We use proprietary formulas and methodologies to get more insight & action out of your data.

Typical 7 Day Turnaround

We don’t need months to get results. We can have the data, analysis, key points and implications back within 4 to 15 business days.

Credible & Accessible

We've won awards and been published. We also work directly with you to ensure our process, approach, and insights are clear.

Our history speaks for itself

Our research background is proven through its diversity of work and clients spanning multiple industries.  Our methods have been published nationally and we have received research awards on the national and international stages. If we had a massive staff and charged beau-coups of dollars, we’d probably have a much longer list of speaker engagements. We just don’t have time to go to every conference and jibber-jabber when there’s work to be done and new methods to explore.

Guest Speaking Events

2016 Old Dominion University – Strome College of Business
2014 National Corporate Researchers Conference
2014 College Communicators Association Conference
2014 American Advertising Federation of Hampton Roads
2013 National Corporate Researchers Conference
2013 College Communicators Association Conference
2012 European RAM Research Conference
2011 Virginia Press Association/Associated Press Ad and News Conference
2011 Mid-Atlantic Newspaper Marketing Executives Conference
2010 International RAM Research Conference

Professional Research Certification