Investments & Pricing

Our pricing structure is easy to comprehend and flexible to fit your businesses needs.

Look At Market Research As An Investment

Investments made into understanding your customers feelings, behaviors, and experiences can refine anything from communications to new product/program development.

Understanding how your brand is seen in the market or by potential customers can give insight into how you should best position yourself.

Our research services are built on the idea of granting insight, clarity, and actionable deliverables. Research can be used to sustainably adapt your products, services, and brand long-term.

Team work discussion


Profile Analysis

per Customer Segment Analyzed (1)


Custom Research

per Custom Survey Question (2,3)


Geo Analysis

per Geographic Area Analyzed

  1. Customer Profile = A specific set of customers identified for analysis. It can be all customers, your most loyal customers, least loyal customers, highest spending/lowest spending customers, specific event or grouping of events, etc.
  2. Question = Measurements collected. For example: If a question is posed – “How satisfied were you with the following six factors,” we are really asking answers to six questions; whereas, “Which of the following six factors best describes you,” is only asking for one answer to one question. Multi-select questions (questions where you can select multiple answers) are assigned with a two question minimum charge.
  3. Our hourly rate for ad hoc analysis, moderating brainstorming sessions, and marketing consultative or nerd advisory services.

Our research is always actionable

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We’re A True Strategic Partner

We see ourselves as partners in your strategic growth. Our research lays the groundwork for creating sustainable plans you can implement to improve your brand and customer experience long-term.

Our Proprietary Processes

We use a mixture of proven and proprietary analysis techniques that allows you to make clear and informed decisions based on your project objective. Our project deliverables can be easily presented to engineers, marketers, directors, and executives alike.

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