Our Methodology

Our methods are proven to take less time, resources, and investment than traditional market research firms.

The Improvement Gap Method

Basic satisfaction or agreement scores from customers don’t tell the whole story. We have a proprietary and published method that’s enables businesses to better gauge customer engagement and to draw more actionable conclusions.

Communications Impact Effectiveness

If you’re measuring and analyzing different communication or brand objectives using “perceptual mapping” or “quadrant” analysis techniques, there’s a simpler and more accurate way.

Visual Sliding Scales

That “on a scale of 1 to 5” Likert you’re using was invented in 1932. Things have evolved over the last 90 years. Let’s update your survey approaches to meet modern capabilities that enable clearer insights and better user experiences.

Experience Driven Questioning

Humans can be amazing dishonest, mostly with themselves. We integrate survey question techniques to sidestep these quirks and help identify challenges and opportunities. The design and language in a questionnaire can make the difference between clarity and obscurity.

Mass-Propensity Indices

An improved way to identify areas of geographic opportunity. Geographic opportunity analyses traditional utilize population (count/mass) and concentration (indexing) to help identify opportunities. We’ve got a mathematical method that enables businesses to combine these for more conclusive decisions.