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Explore a high-level view of your footprint, factors driving sales, expenditure reports, and projection data in your backyard.

What's included in our Geographic Analysis:

🟢 Defined Analysis Area Maps

We can plot multiple geographic locations within your analysis area in order to see if there is any potential cannibalism between storefronts or competitors in your area.

🟢 Current Year & Five Year Demographic Data

This analysis pulls a detailed demographic report that shows you the primary mark up of each of the locations analyzed and how they differ from the overall market.

🟢 Current Year & Five Year Expenditure Reports

In order to find potential customers, understand your competition, and increase sales, you must first know how the population is allocating their dollars and where change might happen.

🟢 Current Year Market Supply & Demand

One storefront may not be performing as well as one only a couple miles away, now you can find out why by analyzing supply and demand in the market.

🟢 Projection Analysis Of Demographic Changes

Using predictive analytics we can see how changes in the market may shift certain primary demographics around each of your analyzed areas.

🟢 Projection Analysis Of Expenditure Changes

Similar to the projection of demographics we can use PA to analyze how expenditures may change around your areas.

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