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Find out who your best customers are, how they behave, where they are located, and how to strategically target them.

What's included in our Profile Analysis:

🔵 Demographic & Psychographic Traits

Utilizing Claritas c360™ we utilize market segmentation in order to aggregate a detailed portrait of your customer base. This includes socio-economic data such as population, income, education, and employment within your designated analysis areas.

🔵 Digital Consumption & App Usage

Do you ever wish to know where your users hang out online? Now you can get a glimpse into their purchasing habits, app usage, social media behaviors, device preferences, and much more.

🔵 Media Behaviors & Formats

We can look deeper into what drives your customers behaviors online as well as traditional media. We can see what they are more likely to consume in both traditional and digital media formats.

🔵 Financial & Medical History

We extract valuable lookalike audiences of your customers that includes financial and medical information.

🔵 Activity & Event Attendance

You can use this data to retarget your customer base based on activities and events they are more likely to attend. As well as possible sponsorship opportunities.

🔵 Geographic Opportunity Reports

Wouldn't it be great to know where to target your customers and what additional areas of opportunity are around you? With our Profile Analysis now you can leverage that data for your strategic growth.

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